In Person Worship at Chapelstreet Church FAQs

The physical gathering of God's people is a priority when it can be accomplished wisely and safely. Chapelstreet Church has graciously offered us the use of their Mill Creek Campus to gather in person Sundays at 1:30 pm (our Prayer Gathering will be at 12:45). Though we will not be livestreaming our service, the sermon will be recorded and uploaded to our website. 

We are aiming to provide the best in-person experience possible without compromising the health of our congregation, staff, volunteers and hosts. Given there are a wide variety of opinions on how to act during this pandemic, we ask that we all show grace towards one another during this difficult time of social distancing and limited gatherings and do our best to keep each other healthy.

  • What is expected of me to attend?

    • With new CDC guidelines, we no longer have to limit our gatherings and you do not need to register to attend church

    • Please stay at home if you had a fever in the past 14 days, are exhibiting  symptoms of COVID-19, if anyone in your family has a temperature above 100.5°, been around anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days, or under a quarantine condition due to a potential COVID-19 exposure

    • Some people may opt to not attend in person - we will miss you but understand your choice

    • For fully vaccinated individuals, masks are now optional

    • Unvaccinated adults and children, please continue to wear a mask until seated, but masks may be removed once seated 6' from others

  • Do I Pre-Register to attend?

    No, come on in!

  • What if I have young kids?

    • Children will join their parents for church and be dismissed to their classroom prior to the sermon

    Unvaccinated children should continue to wear masks during Children's Church, unless social distancing can be maintained

    • Contact Melanie Gamlin if you need help with babies or preschoolers

    • Contact Ashley Bucher if you would like resources for your children

  • What happens when I arrive?

    • Doors open at 12:30 pm for Prayer and seating begins at 1:15 pm for the Worship Service

    • Be sure to wave your greetings, we'll know you're smiling under the mask

  • What happens while I'm in the building?

    • For fully vaccinated individuals, masks are now optional. If you are more comfortable continuing to wear a mask, please do so

    • Unvaccinated adults and children, please continue to wear a mask until seated, but masks may be removed once seated

    • Please keep your family together and your children close to you

    • Please do your best to honor safe distancing while moving about the facility

  • What if this is my first time visiting Valleybrook?

    Welcome! We are honored that you will be joining us. We know this is a unique time to check out a new church and everything looks different than even we are used to. We would love to know you are visiting so we can help you plan your visit and get to welcome you personally. Take a look around the website to get to know us a little better

    • Please connect with Pastor Brian to let him know you are coming and to receive a Bulletin

  • Communion Sundays

    We will not be passing the elements on Communion Sundays. We will provide prepackaged individual elements that can be picked up on your way into the sanctuary

    We will still continue to take a Benevolence Offering on Communion Sundays. Please be sure to mark it as such before putting it in the box on your way out

  • How are we handling the offering?

    Thank you for your continued generosity. We recommend you continue to give online or by mail - no offering plates will be passed during the service. However, there will be offering drop-boxes available as you exit the sanctuary.


  • Will there be coffee, water, or paper bulletins?

    • There will be no food, beverages, or water fountains available at church with the exception of Communion Sundays where pre-wrapped elements will be available as you enter the sanctuary

    • Paper Bulletins will not be available at this time - you may bring a copy you've printed at home Bulletins, Sermon Notes, Pastor Brian Bingo and Children's Sermon Notes are emailed to you with the Valleybrook View each week or can be found HERE under Sunday Resources

    • Please bring your own water bottles or covered drinks