ZOOM Gatherings Connection Instructions


We highly encourage connecting through a phone, tablet, and/or laptop device, as they will most likely have the built-in speakers, microphone, and video camera to best facilitate involvement. Instructions are included for desktop computers as well, if needed.

The SIMPLEST option on any device is to connect through Google Chrome browser, requiring no Zoom app or software installation. Though you may see a "join from your browser" option in other browsers, they will have very limited participation options-some not even allowing you to hear the meeting. 

Though this is the SIMPLEST option, it is not the best viewing experience.  For the BEST VIEWING OPTIONS, please use a computer and download the "Zoom desktop client" application.  Instructions for this are shown below, under "Apple Computers" or "Windows Computers".  Settings to optimize your viewing are shown HERE.   

Should you have technical questions, please contact Joe Data